Yes! You can now eat Pillsbury cookie dough raw!

Starting this summer, Pillsbury’s beloved, refrigerated cookie and brownie dough is now ‘safe to eat raw’ or baked.
Pillsbury ready to eat cookie dough

“Safe to eat raw” seal

They’re the same recipes fans have loved for years, but by refining processes and ingredients – heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs – families can now enjoy before or after baking.

Favorites, like Pillsbury’s Ready to Bake!™ Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Place & Bake™ Brownie Dough and more, now have the Pillsbury “safe to eat raw” seal on packaging and are available at grocery retailers nationwide.

“We’re excited to offer families (and cookie lovers) tasty, affordable and dual-purpose cookie and brownie dough that’s both edible raw or baked,” said Tiffany Seelen, brand experience senior manager at Pillsbury. “In addition to making baking memories, families can now enjoy the mischief of stealing tasty bites of raw cookie or brownie dough as a spur-of-the-moment treat."

To celebrate the news, Pillsbury launched a campaign based on the fundamental parenting truth – it feels good to say ‘yes!’ Being a parent requires a lot of ‘no’s’ and ‘yes’ opens doors to possibilities and opportunities for family togetherness and fun.

Pillsbury wants to give parents the permission to say ‘yes’ to life’s little pleasures, like eating Pillsbury’s cookie and brownie dough raw (or baked).